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  • Do you like snow? Did you celebrate this special day?

    Theodora Tsagkari-Pamfila School ,Lesvos,Greece

    Looking for snowmen's clothes in the Snow! (fake snow-thick salt....but the kids believed it was real snow and wanted to feel how cold it was!!!!)

    Melanthia Chatziralli-Primary school of Moria

    Moria students prepare snowflakes and decorate our school windows.

    Helen Gyrelli- Primary School of Ippeios, Lesvos, Greece

    The pupils voted for the best photos

    Güler SARAÇ- Çinikent Special Education Secondary School- Kütahya-TURKEY

    We celebrated snow day by playing snow and having fun

    Aygül ÇOLAK Olcay Külah Secondary School

    My students helped our school crews for cleaning the snow on the road:)