Easter cards exchange

The project aim is to send cards with Easter wishes to partner's schools. Wishes will be written in English and German and can be also in national language. Another objective is to create English-German dictionary with Easter habits.



Our school presentation


The Dictionary of Serbian Easter tradition

Teamwork = great job :-)


Our video postcard

Easter card exchange, Serbia, Belgrade, Technical school of leather design from Tatjana Tomić Đorović on Vimeo.


You can see our slide-show on making of our dictionary.

The Dictionary of Serbian Easter Tradition by Slidely Slideshow 


Easter in our school: workshop of wool felt eggs, making of easter postcards, easter board.   

Jasmina Vukic's Slidely by Slidely Slideshow  


We created evaluation table on Linoit canvas where we evaluated the project.

It was a collaborative activity.

Click on the title below the picture to see results.

Evaluation and opinion on the project Easter cards exchange

Author: Tatjana Tomić Đorović
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