Learning through art, dance and theatre

Art, dance and theatre has always been an interesting way of expressing oneself and through which one can exercise many basic learning skills. Our schools have a high percentage of pupils with learning difficulties, we thought that addressing them through arts would influence the cognitive and emotional development of our pupils. Eexchanging experi...

Project Journal

  • A guide of good practices, for other teachers to use "Four Countries, One Passion, Through Artistic Abilities To Developed Basic Skills". ​All good practices produced throughout the project as well as those presented on Teachers International Conference on Pupil Competences in Slovenia, in October 2017 are included here. There are all our international workshops and activities of the project described. ​https://developedbasicskills.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/four-countries-one-passion-a-guide-for-other-teachers-to-use.pdf​

    Four Countries One Passion - a guide for other teachers to use.pdf

    - Posted by Anita Dąbrowska, 09.11.2018

  • Fantastic news!!! We have been awarded the European Quality Label for this project. Congratulations to everyone!!!

    European Qality Label jpg..jpg

    - Posted by Anita Dąbrowska, 22.10.2018

  • Zrobione przy pomocy aplikacji Padlet

    - Posted by Anita Dąbrowska, 20.10.2018

  • https://padlet.com/themar74/v3uafnvziozi
    - Posted by Anita Dąbrowska, 20.10.2018

  • Our eTwinning project “Learning through art, dance and theatre” has been awarded the National Quality Label by the Croatian Agency, too.


    - Posted by Nataša Mesić Muharemi, 04.10.2018