The U.S.A.: the economic boom, the Great Depression, the New Deal

A CLIL module focusing on 1 - What was America like in the 1920's? 2 - What caused the Wall Street Crash? 3 - Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal.

03 - Presentation of our students

Your penpals want to know more about you!

A - Introduce yourself answering following questions - you will record yourself with Audacity (2 minutes maximum)

1 - What is your name?

2 - How old are you?

3 - What are your favourite subjects at school?

4 - What job would you like to do?

5 - What are your hobbies?

6 - Which languages do you speak?

7 - Have you already been to Italy/France?

8 - Give three words associated with Italy (French students) or France (Italian students).


B - Upload your MP3: Materials / MP3 Presentations / Forum / MP3 Presentations / Group XXX


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