E4U (Europe For You)

E4U (Europe For You) is a European School-partnership formed by eight secondary schools from Belgium, The Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and Turkey. The partnership comprises about 20 teachers and between 150 and 200 students (each year) and is based on a long-term cooperation. The partnership focuses on entreprene...

Project Journal

  • Our students are very much looking forward to the trip to Belgium. This is our last class today before the trip. Our students say they are looking forward to making new friends, seeing a different school and, of course, the chocolate !!
    - Posted by Áine Coughlan, 15.03.2017

  • 4 Czech students are getting ready to travel to the project conference in Belgium 20-26 March. The are working on the presentation and looking forward to the Belgian week. :)

    - Posted by Ivona Coufalová, 06.03.2017

  • Last week Czech students completed their International interpretation. What can you look forward to? Of course, Italian cooking but also Norwegian Christmas, Turkish famous people, etc. To be published on the Czech page 2016-2017 soon!:)
    - Posted by Ivona Coufalová, 06.03.2017

  • After a planning session students will start on the practical part of their international reports. Cooking their partner countries' culinary specialities proves to be their favourite.
    Everybody is very busy because next Tuesday there won't be any lessons as there is the carnival week with days off on Monday and Tuesday. The week after this we´ll have the meeting with our partners from Holland and Belgium and are going to do geo-caching in our "Landschaftspark". Keep your fingers crossed for good weather....sun is shining now...so it has to be like today...
    - Posted by claudia haupt, 21.02.2017

  • We do need some time for reducing the size of our photos, which I think, Gerd is perfect at, so we can do that when he comes to our next lesson....
    As you can see, we did quite some work on National Reports today.
    - Posted by claudia haupt, 07.02.2017