E4U (Europe For You)

E4U (Europe For You) is a European School-partnership formed by eight secondary schools from Belgium, The Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway and Turkey. The partnership comprises about 20 teachers and between 150 and 200 students (each year) and is based on a long-term cooperation. The partnership focuses on entreprene...

Project Journal

  • Hello alltogether, we are back and looking at our pages. I hope we will get a new project site for Enews soon, where we can upload our work!
    - Posted by claudia haupt, 05.09.2017

  • This is our last lesson today. I wish you all a relaxing summer and hope to find us all in a new project in the next school year!
    Bye from Claudia
    - Posted by claudia haupt, 04.07.2017

  • For Ivona: we have created the school video for the presentation.. I will try to send it to you via email.
    - Posted by claudia haupt, 04.04.2017

  • After a wonderful time in Belgium we are back at work, filling in survey monkey , creating the short film for the final film about the project and writing English and German reports about the trip . Thank you, Belgians!
    - Posted by claudia haupt, 28.03.2017

  • Our students are very much looking forward to the trip to Belgium. This is our last class today before the trip. Our students say they are looking forward to making new friends, seeing a different school and, of course, the chocolate !!
    - Posted by Áine Coughlan, 15.03.2017