EU Games 2015-2016

By learning about the partners's countries and culture in the fields of geography, history, sciences, sports, literature, music, foreign languages and economics in English and French, the French, Polish and Spanish pupils devise EU Games so as to gamify the knowledge they gained throughout their eTwinning project.

School calendars, public holidays...

Read these documents taken from the Eurydice website, the European network providing information on education systems and policies, to discover the school holidays in our countries, learn about the public holidays and more by clicking on the clocks ! 

Countries School calendar Public Holidays          Clocks 


The French school is in Zone C.

Learn about holidays in France !



The Polish school is in the Lublin or Lubelskie region.

Learn about holidays in Poland !



Learn about holidays in Spain !
Learn about holidays in Turkey !

Learn about holidays in Romania !

Author: Laurence Altibelli
Last editor: Laurence Altibelli