EU Games 2015-2016

By learning about the partners's countries and culture in the fields of geography, history, sciences, sports, literature, music, foreign languages and economics in English and French, the French, Polish and Spanish pupils devise EU Games so as to gamify the knowledge they gained throughout their eTwinning project.


EN: eTwinning is part of the Erasmus+ programme. But what is Erasmus+? The programme is named after the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam who lived and worked in many places in Europe to expand his knowledge. Watch the video below to learn about the Erasmus+ programme. 



FR: eTwinning fait partie du programme Erasmus+. Mais qu'est-ce que Erasmus+? Le nom du programme vient du moine humaniste et théologien néerlandais Érasme qui a voyagé durant de nombreuses années à travers l'Europe pour s'enrichir des différentes cultures. Regardez la vidéo pour découvrir le programme Erasmus+.  

Author: Laurence Altibelli
Last editor: Laurence Altibelli