Our Cute Mascots

The project “Our cute mascots” is going to bring eight different regions together. They are Turkey, South Shields - United Kingdom , Poland, Manchester-United Kingdom , Croatia , Portugal, Spain . The partners use WEB2 tools and make some meetings to share the details. The aim of the project is travelling of mascots all over the world . During the visit , we will do the different activities with the mascot , take photos and videos then describing them in the mascot's travel diary on Twinspace. Pupils will take pictures of the location of the school, a typical school day and any hobbies that the children are involved in. Besides they will write messages, draw pictures and stick photos into mascots diary. Through mascot students will learn about the beauty, customs, food, songs , famous people of host country. We can say that Mascots will help children learn about the culture, customs, traditions and the heritage of another European town and country. The project provides

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