Science Project - iTEC

Students in group or individually will explore and create resources for learning Sciences (Mathemactis, Sciences, Physical Chemistry, Biology, ...). The resources built may be used by students in the class or others to learn the concepts being studied. The project follows the methodology iTEC (Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom) ...

Project Journal

  • Thank you all of you for the opportunity!
    I wish all happy summer holidays!
    Thank you!
    Bye bye!
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    - Posted by Ana Paula Alves, 04.08.2015

  • The website...!/cee5
    Thank you for the opportunity...

    - Posted by Sónia Correia, 08.07.2015

  • Our Skype Session in the last day at school!
    Class 8º2: It was really fun, we like it a lot. Thank you teacher Manuela!
    See you next year!


    - Posted by Ana Paula Alves, 29.06.2015

  • Final version of the websites of students from Saboia

    - Posted by Rosália Ribeiro, 28.06.2015

  • Presentation by the students

    - Posted by José Alexandre Alves Horta Ramos, 16.06.2015