Keep Cool - Stay Warm!

Our Winning Mottos: Wasting money is pretty bad, but losing the Earth is even worse. Stop it flowing, keep it going! The project will focus on sharing good practices of saving energy at home and at school to promote energy efficiency solutions among the pupils, their parents, school administrators and local communities.

Project Journal

  • Great news for us too! We have received the National and European Quality Labels for "Keep Cool!" project as well! Thank you to all partners and students for active participation and great work!


    - Posted by Liubov Yavorska, 28.11.2016

  • We have been awarded a European Quality Label for this project at Steeton School, UK. Thank you everyone for all your hard work in this very important project!

    Keep Cool EQL Steeton UK.jpg

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 23.11.2016

  • Steeton School, England, has received a Quality Label for this project. Thank you all for working on this project. We hope to work with you again.


    - Posted by Diana Linford, 22.02.2016

  • I have submitted our application from Steeton, England, for a Quality Label today.
    - Posted by Diana Linford, 10.01.2016

  • I have written blog posts about how we have used this project for training newcomers to eTwinning in the UK Ambassadors' NING forum. We now have a second project for eTwinning training in the UK cluster of schools, 'Christmas around Europe 2015.'

    NING post.png

    - Posted by Diana Linford, 24.12.2015