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What is the main purpose of the school? To prepare students for future challenges. This is the biggest aim of this team composed by seven partner schools from seven countries (Erasmus + partnership). The future isn’t unidirectional, it is with multiple possibilities. Demographic, economic, technological, educational and social factors are combin...

Project Journal

  • Dear all,
    I have just turned back home from eTwinning National Conference in Antalya. I spent great 3 days there with other etwinners. I just want to share some points that I strongly felt there about our project works.
    1. I learned about great etwinning world thanks to this project and to our coordinator. I got experience about how to use etwinning effectively and practically.
    2. This project opened an amazing window to the world of innovative education integrated with technology. Web 2.0 tools ... that my colleagues have heard from me for the first time. It is magically effective in my lessons now and when I have look at our project, how seriously and professionally we used these tools. And of course videos... I can't believe that I can create videos on my own!
    3. I had always thought how organised I was in my job. However, during this project I learned many many ways,techniques, tips, emergency tips to run a work a project in a well-organized way. Of course My coordinator first but all my partners taught me something .
    4. We created an international teaching-learning society with this project. It was a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures,lifestyles. Both my students ,teachers and me made real friends from all around Europe. In fact, we all learned we are different in some ways but we have a lot in common. I sometimes really felt that we are coming from the same place ,we have the same root somewhere in the past....when we found similar words in other languages, when playing traditional games, while watching traditional dances.. etc.
    5. When I chat with my students and when I observe them at school after the project, I can easily see that their point of view about education has changed a lot. They know they can create ,produce something with what they learn. They improved their critical thinking and problem solving skills . And of course they feel moro more self-confidence now.
    6. English!!! that I have tried so much to teach but couldn't make progress so fast as this project! Almost all the students have improved their English after this project. And the teachers ,of course, realized that English is so important to communicate globally.
    7. The best dissemination is that we easily remember our project and project works in our daily life: while shopping, walking in the street, at home, at school... Because our topic is about every step every moment of our life: recycling,renewable energy, waste, budget management,saving, organic food, packaging,energy,water, plastic,glass,trees....

    Thanks to our great project, I have a new vision in my life ... my students and colleagues as well :)

    - Posted by Filiz Çakırlı, 13.12.2017

  • Thanks to our European Quality Label, I was invited to the annual National eTwinning Conference in Antalyaand I had the opportunity to present our works there on my stand.




    - Posted by Filiz Çakırlı, 13.12.2017

  • We presented our works in our stand in TUBITAK science festival in our county.

    t 1.jpg



    - Posted by Filiz Çakırlı, 13.12.2017

  • We succeed in this wonderful project!! Got the European Quality Label Award!!
    Special thanks to our marvellous coordinator TERESA LACERDA and the rest of the team!!


    - Posted by John Rocco Ferrara, 25.10.2017

  • The Italian team just received the eTwinning Quality Label Award 2017.


    - Posted by John Rocco Ferrara, 16.10.2017