The News We Want to Hear


Unfortunately Europe is living a rise in xenophobic attitudes as seen in the increasing support that far-right political parties are getting. It seems that Europe has forgotten the harm intolerance, racism and prejudice have caused to this continent. This project will show that not all young Europeans want to live in a continent ruled by prejudices and hatred. There are young Europeans who appreciate the value of a multicultural society, who are certain that respect and tolerance are key concepts. We want to live in a society where people form solidarity networks among individuals regardless of their skin colour, religious beliefs, political ideas, sexual tendency… The goal of the project will be the creation of a news programme that highlights these tolerant, respectful attitudes that rule lots of Europeans´ lives. Our news programme will differ from what media shows us: events caused by hatred and intolerance. We will focus on the attitudes we want to promote to build a new Europe.

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