Project plan

    Stage 1 (25.-31.1.)

    - walk trough town (teachers and children) and sightseeing of buildings/ squares/ parks/ playgrounds

    - choosing and photographing one ore more places which children would change/arrange on different way

    Stage 2 (1.-14.2.)

    - making of chosen and imagined/changed place/ places/ town with artistic technique by choice and of different materials 

    - photo-documenting of the process of making children's town and photographing finished children's art works

    Stage 3 (up to 31.3.)


    - making of common presentation of chosen places to change - a kind of digital exhibition of children's art works; process of making children's towns and statements/thoughts about children would change in their town and why, in what kind of town they would like to live.

    Common activity

    (one day between 18.-22.4.)

    Planting tree/plant in kindergarten yard or in public space in town       - kind of children's contribution to the town in which they live