Active Citizens in Europe

The project brings together over 100 secondary students across Europe (from Italy, Poland, France and Slovakia) to share and exchange experiences, opinions and values and thus develop a sense of active citizenship. Together they explore the ways of getting involved in all aspects of the life of their community; locally regionally and nationally. T...

Project Journal

  • Check your partners' productions on the interactive mind-map on page 9!

    - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 13.05.2016

  • To all teams: please post all your productions in progress (+ login and password) onto your team's page and forum so that your team-mates can see what you are doing and contribute or help!

    - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 06.04.2016

  • Please could you help team 8 by answering this short survey? THANKS! LINK BELOW!

    - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 01.04.2016

  • Here are the netiquette rules that all the students of the project chose together and agreed upon (activity on page 3).


    - Posted by Claudine Coatanéa, 21.02.2016