The Project ECSC

  • As we are witnessing global climate changes, we want to take action and one way how it can be done is by attracting students´attention and raising public awareness through activities done in this project. Thus the main objective of the project is to contribute to the EU´s achievement of climate change targets by contributing to awarenes-raising activities against climate change, in particular:

    1: to increase the awareness of the effects of fossil fuels on climate change

    2: to reveal the negative effects of water sources / ocean environmental damage due to plastic pollution

    3: to raise awareness about land use changes,

    4: to raise awareness of the threads resulting from deforestation, to raise awareness on waste recycling,

    5: to raise awareness on energy saving and green energy.


    The objective is to let the students not only learn the knowledge on climate change, its consequences and possible solutions to prevent dramatic changes, but also let them develop their skills and competence, such as communication skills, flexibility, cooperation skills, goal oriented thinking, creativity, planning of work and strategy, responsibility and motivation through different methods and styles of learning.


    Presentation Project ECSC