GUESS! (Geometry in the Universe of Elementary Shapes & Solids)

Do your pupils see solid geometry everywhere and a surrounding world as 3D Euclidean space? We would inspire them to investigate and through critical thinking and problem-solving learn not just math, but even more subjects from curriculum. And all that learning all the time in different groups.

Project Journal

  • I'm very happy, too!

    ET EQL.jpg

    - Posted by Mihaela Git, 06.12.2016

  • Congratulation to all students and their teachers, thank you for collaboration and the joy that this award represent.


    - Posted by Katarina Ivanović, 24.11.2016

  • I am very happy

    avrupa kalite etiketi.jpg

    - Posted by Pınar Gün, 22.11.2016

  • Beyond this project, as a good example of collaboration on GUESS! Project, lies so many opportunities.


    - Posted by Katarina Ivanović, 23.09.2016

  • Hı everybody.
    We had a National Quality Label in Turkey

    2016-09-09 19.08.20.png

    2016-09-09 19.07.50.png

    - Posted by Pınar Gün, 09.09.2016