Torre Vicens School. Lleida, Spain

  • Torre Vicens School

    Torre Vicens is a public high school located in Lleida (Spain), which provides training to about 1300 students. The staff is made up of 120 teachers, who are fully qualified and trained in their field. Our school offers a wide range of studies at compulsory secondary education and post-compulsory education level, such as health, building, hairdressing and beauty. They are classified into Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, Middle Grade Vocational Training and Upper Grade Vocational Training. Moreover, our school also provides access to the Specified Training Course for Access to Higher Level Cycles (CAS) as well as the Training and Placement Programme (PFI) for students with special needs.

    We currently apply a plurilingual program to our classes. This means our classes are taught in Catalan and Spanish (mother tongues) and also in English for some of the classes. Some of our students in compulsory secondary education (first, second and third grade) are doing non-linguistic subjects in English through the All you need is CLIL Project. We also offer French as a fourth language. Vocational education also teaches technical subjects in English. We also offer language courses to our mobility students in German, English and French.