• About the project

    A group of foreign language teachers from different European countries attended the same training course in Cardiff organized by International Study Programme with the ERASMUS + KA1 programme about "Using Technology for Teaching English", They want to apply in their classes what they learnt and to disseminate the results of such professional training by this project


    1)Applying the new didactic tools and the new teaching methods learnt during the training course with students of different ages and different kind of schools. 
    2)Disseminating and sharing the outcomes of this professional training course in a network of local schools .
    3)Analysing students' improvements in their language learning


    December/January: the partners introduce themselves and their schools 
    February: the partners show what they produced using new didactic tools 
    March: the partners let their students use new didactic tools 
    April/ May: application of task based or flipped classroom methods


    A clear improvement in foreign language learning is expected as direct consequence of teaching English using technology. This project will be the means to disseminate and promote a new way of teaching