Project plan

  • Project plan:

    The aim of the project is to show the Beauty of the Winter and Christmas.
    The project will go on from December 2015 to 29 February 2016

    Each of project's partner is going to inform of Winter activities E.g lessons( lessons' topics), walks, trips, preparation for Christmas, Christmas decoration, art and craft, song, Winter decoration, another forms of activities, presentations, film


    1. Learning about Winter features
    2. Cultivating tradition of Christmas time
    3. Sending Christmas cards to project's partnera
    4. Feeding birds, animals
    5. Learning how to take care of the Nature and protect the environment
    6. Pesenting Healthy Lifestyle-Healthy food, active holidays, Winter sports
    7. Learning how to present information which were prepared and shared information with peers from different countries
    8. Using Internet for transfering, presenting information



    1. Children develope their interests connected with environment
    2. Children learn about the Beauty of Winter in different countries
    3. Children become more sensitive to the Beauty of the nature
    4. Learning about the importance of protecting the environment
    5. The development of the importance of family
    6. Sending Christmas cards
    7. Project is the advertisment of the place of work
    8. Work experience is exchanged between teachers from the project