Exploring my amazing body

Seven-year-olds from four countries (Czech Republic, Greece, Poland and Turkey) participate in a Health Education-Science project, which covers the topic of “The Human Body” within a crosscurricular framework. In different Primary School subjects, Language, FL (English), Drama, PE, Art, ICT and Music, young learners cooperate online and onsite to e...

Project Journal

  • Yesterday we celebrated fest of childeren in Turkey and expolorinh my amazing body vas there.


    - Posted by Serpil Şahinoğlu, 24.04.2016

  • http://cosketch.com/Rooms/fpmvgfb
    here is link of logo actıvıty page, you can vısıt and add somethıng new.
    have a good work dear partners.
    - Posted by rıdvan sarı, 26.03.2016

  • in logo activity page you can visit, l started makıng a logo and you can add somethıng new or you can color other speeches as l colored, l look forward your replies and your collaboratıon
    have a good work..

    - Posted by rıdvan sarı, 12.03.2016

  • Videos of the children singing and acting have been uploaded.A collaborative video of all the participating schools is on the way!!!
    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 14.02.2016

  • eTwinning Live Event 2 for the teachers taking part in the current project. December activities were evaluated and certain steps were decided so as to move from simply sharing our children's efforts to creating cooperative piece of work. To this effect, the January Activities were plannned. A cooperative play/video is going to be the core of the January Activities.
    - Posted by Natalia Tzitzi, 10.01.2016