Building Skillful Thinking in Children + : Learn, Explore and Assess how Thinking Key Competences Work


“Lifelong learning” is a matter of building knowledge from previous experiences. That is why Ramsta and Lope de Vega Schools, after working together in the merging of two methods for teaching-learning high order thinking strategies (Thinking-Based Learning and Socratic Seminar), have decided to continue this unique adventure. The findings have resulted in such relevance, that made us feel we have the responsibility to relate them to a clear scientific basis. Within the next two years, and with the help of Ignite Research Institute from Sweden, we will develop the “Plan for Research and Evaluation of School Development with TBL and Socratic Seminars”, using Participatory Research and On-going Evaluation as research methods.This will allow students and teachers to participate in the research process and we believe that it will give a new dimension to the role of the student as a co-protagonist for designing the elements that will constitute the “flesh” of their own learning process.

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