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Natural assets, which contain protection, recreation and tourism areas with their scientifically and aesthetically rare natural and cultural heritage, have also multilateral usage areas such as education and scientific research. However, mostly because of the industrialization accompanied by rapid urbanization, the negative impact of human beings on these natural assets and consequently on climate change has been increasing day by day and as a result, the natural environment is rapidly destroyed. In addition, the hustle and bustle of individuals in city life has caused them to move away from nature and prevented them from being aware of the rapid changes in world’s climate All the negative events, Covid-19 in particular experienced by human beings in 2020, have started to change people’s perspective on natural life, nature itself, and natural-cultural values positively. Moreover, the necessity of environmental education in natural environments and at early ages has been clearly seen one more time. The aim with this project is to make students embrace the nature as a real part of it and to raise awareness among them about the importance of protecting environment and natural- cultural heritage. With the activities to be formed within this main purpose, it is also aimed to provide children with the skills of being social individuals, effective communication, self-confidence, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.

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