Safe young citizens on the net


Citizenship education is a topic that teachers are asked to teach, often in a cross-disciplinary way, by many European governments. Teachers realized that it is important to work remotely in groups with peers in an era of pandemic, in which students often cannot attend classes onsite and, when they can, they must wear a mask in class too. This issue is crucial especially for those pupils starting a new cycle of studies who must stay far from each other and can't be joined as a class group: in this way the restrictions on the pandemic can somehow be overcome by opening the classrooms to Europe. For this reason, a group of teachers decided to tackle the issue of digital education through an eTwinning project, which allows not only to introduce the topic and help their students to reflect on the risks of the net surfing, but also helps students to work in international mixed groups, getting to know their mates and European partners better thanks to the Web.

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