2nd Meeting in Svalöv- Sweden



    After some brief confusion due to a power cut at the school we managed to get underway.

    The Portuguese schools were responsible for introducing the students and teachers  to the use of QR codes in education. This was appreciated by everyone involved as is a  tool that will be spread to all the schools involved in the project.

    We also had a workshop to for teachers in which we compared school systems in our respective countries and had a more detailed presentation of the Swedish educational system. After this we learnt more about the formative evaluation and the use  of rubrics in teaching. This was done using Prezzi, a presentation tool that Vitor will demonstrate and explain in more detail during our visit to Lebork, Poland. Whilst the teachers studied the students learnt more about Swedish sporting activities with a game of "Brännboll."


    Tuesday was spent working in groups at the school. With the help of our music teachers we recorded the song that the students had written. Each school sang a section of the song and then joined together for a final chorus. (You can listen to the song here.)

    While some groups recorded the song others worked on our social-codes manual that will be finished at the end of the project. Students from the Swedish school helped to organise P.E. lessons, this enabled the students to get to know each other better. The students also worked on the social codes manual.


    Our first visit on Wednesday was to see the release of the cows to pasture. This is when cows who have been kept indoors for the winter are finally let out for the spring and summer. Thousands of people turn out for the event. We then had a guided tour of Svalöv's Upper Secondary School. This was to show the opportunities  that are available at this level. The school offers many different avenues of study, both practical and theoretical.



    We left Svalöv to visit the local city of Malmö. Here we visited Malmö Technical Museum where students were able to try many different experiments and were given a short guided tour. It was also intended to inspire to students to perhaps pursue science in higher education and see some of the products and benefits that science has given us. We then left to eat lunch at Ikea, here we not only visited an iconic symbol of Swedish entrepreneurship that demonstrates what can built from humble beginnings, we also interviewed an employee.

    We then visited Laserdome. Where students (and some teachers) had great fun. THey also saw how technology could be used in fun ways.


    While the coordinators met to plan the next meeting, the students were able to listen to and evaluate the song they had created. The evaluation was done using the rubric presented earlier in the week. There was also a quiz on the visit and evaluation of the whole trip, this was done using the Kahoot! tool that we had leart about in Stralsund.  It was then time for the visitors to leave to journey home again.