FIT school children from Finland, Slovakia and Czech Republic

The partner schools want to support and develop their strategic educational goals in an international project. The project activities are focused on promoting healthy life style via: 1. organizing sport events and activities, 2. promoting healthy eating habits and 3. supporting active approach to spending pupils's leisure time (e.g. walking and exp...

Project materials

Here's some materials which have been made after the project meetings. We cooked and tasted traditional foods of every participant countries.
Traditional meals.pdf

We also had didactic paths in the nature and environment of Koli, Tremosnice and Slovenska Lupca.
Koli didactic path.pdf
Czech didactic path.pdf
Slovakia didactic path.pdf

Third similar activity in every meeting was maths workshops. Now you can find the maths problems from this booklet.
Maths workbooks.pdf



Author: Helena Jolkkonen
Last editor: Zbyněk Němec