FIT school children from Finland, Slovakia and Czech Republic

The partner schools want to support and develop their strategic educational goals in an international project. The project activities are focused on promoting healthy life style via: 1. organizing sport events and activities, 2. promoting healthy eating habits and 3. supporting active approach to spending pupils's leisure time (e.g. walking and exp...

Project Journal

  • Now we have magazine for the project. Firs article is there now. Click the link
    - Posted by Helena Jolkkonen, 23.11.2015

  • Hello from Třemošnice, the Czech Republic,
    the coordinators from Finnish, Slovak and Czech schools are here on a kick-off project meeting to plan and organize the activities, meetings and all the details for our project. We have just created a voting page for the proejct logo. We are waiting for pupils' decision.
    - Posted by Jana Jamrišková, 04.11.2015