Eat right, be bright!

The project is motivated by a transnational concern over eating habits at early ages and diseases related to poor diet. All partner schools participating in this project recognise that the issue of eating habits is gaining importance more than ever at a transnational level. We think that our students have an increasing tendency to consume more fast...


    Project Journal

    • The danish student presentation from the participants in the "eat right, be bright" trip to Finland.


      - Posted by Peter Nielsen, 02.05.2016

    • Hello community people

      I am the new head of department at our school - the twinspace is still holding the old name of "Peter Nielsen" but that is an system error!

      Right now we are setting together our own ”eat right, be bright” week in November. As soon as we have a week-plan (or Susan Adamson) will post it online etc.
      For now we have a link for cheap/good hotels in the area around Copenhagen.
      Hotel links:
      Best Regards
      Head of department
      Henrik Bunde
      Skelgaardskolen, Denmark


      - Posted by Peter Nielsen, 19.04.2016

    • Happy new year from Turkey...

      images (8)_1.jpg

      - Posted by Bilge VAREL, 31.12.2015

    • hi Lukasz,I like your presentations:))
      - Posted by Zeynep Ceren Çiftsüren, 29.12.2015

    • Dear partners! Polish students have prepared the presentations about organic food. We are waiting to see yours :) Also, most of our Vokis are ready for you to view.
      - Posted by Łukasz Kamiński, 16.12.2015