Stories in the language classroom


We are a group of university teachers who run classes of English as a Foreign Language in courses of Primary Teaching Education and our idea is to start a project that will involve our students to work together on the use of storytelling in the classroom. The project consists of three steps. First, students will meet and get to know each other focusing on the exchange of folk tales and traditional stories that are a part of their local cultural tradition (step 1). After telling and comparing different stories, they will be asked to choose one of them and record a joined video where they retell the story as a joint effort through the use of technology (step 2). After that, they will focus on thinking and developing classroom activities that could be used in the primary classroom (step 3) starting from some input questions: How can the use of technology support storytelling in the classroom? What activities can you plan in order to use your story as a didactic tool?

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