Free Computer : Open Your Mind, Open Your Source!


Open source (OS) software is a type of software that anyone can access, review, or make changes to the source code of the program. In this project, our students will learn the meaning and importance of OS terms. They will examine the historical development of OS operating systems in the software industry and the current situation of their countries in terms of the use and development of OS code operating systems. We could mainly work in GNU/Linux versions, Linux and Linux distros (Debian, Knoppix, … etc) and GNU/Linux terminal commands. Using all this information, students will collaboratively code web pages related to OS Operating Systems with XHTML/HTML and CSS. Thus, students will learn both about open source operating systems and web programming. OS software supports collaboration and freedom for the software world, based on the understanding that information and codes should be shared by everyone. So we say: “Free Computer: Open Your Mind, Open Your Source!”

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