Our local park! Analysis of a place to play.

Our school is situated in the Eixample neighbourhood of Barcelona where there is a high level of air pollution and very little green space or open play space. The local park where our students play is under threat: it has been earmarked as the possible site for a new school, meaning the potential loss of one of the only green spaces in the vicinity. Our classroom investigation has so far been to actively investigate this particular park, creating a student led analysis of the variety of play opportunities it offers and its local significance for children in the context of their wider urban environment. The project is also relevant in terms of student participation in public processes of urban planning and being able to look critically at decisions being made regarding local issues. We have been working closely with Emma Cortes from the Institut de infància i adoloscencia who is leading a citywide programme entitled ‘La ciudad jugable’ (The Playable City).

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