Challenge to an Active Life CAL

Based on the results of a study conducted in our school from which we have learned that our students don't exercise enough (more than 75% declared that they do physical activities less than 6 hours per week), we have come with a solution, to challenge them to do different types of physical activities. Through challenges with themselves and with others we expect to raise the percent of active students. During a period of 6 months, we want to propose challenges (number of steps, hours of doing workouts, kilometers of riding a bike, and of running). Besides that, we also planned meetings with role models (local people who are active, but not necessarily professional athletes) and reflective and feedback activities after each challenge. During the project we intend to use online platforms, free to use, to keep scores for each challenge. We want to involve in this project teachers from every participant schools who could become mentors for groups of students.

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