Jakob Fugger a historical European influencer – #economic#political#social#medial#ecological#footprints

In the past decades the worldwide trade has become one of the most important issues in all European countries. Unlimited pan European trade without taxation and currency risks is one of the successful models of the European Union. However, its foundation had already been laid in the early centuries with the first European trading road (Fugger Road). The project “Europäische Fuggerstraße”, initiated by the tourist organizations of various European cities (e.g. Augsburg, Banská Bystrica and Sterzing), has been charting the cities in which Jakob Fugger has amassed his wealth. It aims to raise awareness of the pan European trade from 1490 till nowadays, especially of its role to connect nations. Raw materials from his mines were shipped worldwide via the port of Antwerp. The mercury mines around the Spanish city of Almadén came into his possession in Fugger's last year of life and ensured the growth of his income.

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