• Christmas Carols, E-cards & photos around Europe!

    Dear partners!
    Let's spread the Christmas spirit all around!!! 
    First step:
    Each partner school will need to prepare Christmas e-cards (every student at least one card) including this text "Dear friends, I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best wishes, ( student's first name) from (student's country)." 
    This text should be written in their mother tongue on the e-card they will create and decorate. (If you wish you may use the English translation as well on the same e-card, but it isn't necessary since the text will be the same for every language. Let's let our students decide on how their e-card will look like! Students are so resourceful and creative! Since the cards will be in a digital form, maybe it's a good idea to ask your computer lab teacher to help you. Your students can create cards with power point or word program or any other programs that suit you best. Each e-card will be unique and that's the beauty of it!!!! Let your students try their best, and try not to be judgmental but always encouraging.
    Once your e-cards are ready you will need to upload them to twinspace, first in the materials section in a folder entitled "E-CARDS .... (name of your school), ...country" and then you will need to create a PAGE entitled the same way, attaching all your e-cards.
    Step 2:
    Create a short video of your students singing a nice Christmas carol! ( (It needs to be a traditional Christmas song in the students' mother tongue and an English one if they want to. My students are really looking forward to this!
    Step 3:
    Once your towns are decorated in their " Christmas outfit" you can tell your students in pairs, groups or alone to take photos of the Christmas decorations around your town, they really like! This part will be so much fun for them because they will choose for themselves! As soon as you get their photos you can upload them in the MATERIALS section in a folder that you will create entitled "Christmas Photos .... (name of your school), ...country", and then you will need to create a PAGE entitled the same way, attaching all your photos.

    I believe that the plan is quite detailed, so good luck to everyone!
    Thank you all,
    Kathy Kyriakidou :)