S.A.F.E: Schule als Friedensstifter für Europa

The joint project of the German school Europaschule Friesenschule Leer and the Belgian school in Diksmuide with the project name "School as a Peacemaker for Europe" (in German "Schule als Friedensstifter für Europa" SAFE for short) is based on showing young adolescents that dealing with their own history helps to understand the present, to better shape their common European future. If young people are to act as responsible global citizen, knowledge of the economic and political circumstances that affect our lives is essential. We will address current economic and political crises and democratic efforts help students understand that such political circumstances can result in fascism, communism or other forms of dictatorship that later led to national, political freedom and the expansion of the European Union. Hate, agitation and discrimination have recently flared up again in Europe and should not be underestimated as a new danger. There are also terrorist attacks and racially motivate

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