Don't Waste, Save! The Earth is Yours! (2nd year)

Common problems of the globalizing world are the problems due to climate change, the reduction of potable water resources and usable agricultural areas, and the lack of sustainable energy resources. Our goal is to create environmental awareness and awareness in all individuals from the age group of our target audience. The goal of this project is to deliver information, skills, documents and visual materials which we learnt during Erasmus+ project to other schools in an understandable way. In order to have a sustainable project, we are willing to reach more students and teachers. For the dissemination of the activities of the project, activities will be carried out in many areas from local to international. Good practice examples will be explained to school teachers and they will be provided to integrate them into the curriculum. The visuals of the events will be shared on TwinSpace every month and it will be ensured by all schools.

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