BACK TO THE FUTURE OF PHYSICS: one small step towards the final frontiers


This science project aims at introducing some concepts of Modern Physics (M Ph). The branches of M Ph (Particle and Nuclear Physics, Nanotechnology etc) are based on Quantum Mechanics, Special and General Relativity; topics often too difficult to grasp for students in secondary education. But the frontier in today’s physics research is there. So the goal of this project is stimulate our students’ curiosity for this, prepare them for future study choices, or just spark an everyday interest for current developments of the physics frontiers. Therefore the students will get some acquaintance with topics of M Ph, working on a popular science level. In international groups they choose a topic on which they perform a research project. They summarise the results in a report, gathered in an e-book. But first they will do some introductory activities. This project aims at broadening the student’s understanding of M Ph as well as improving their social and digital competences and language skills.

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