Creating a Fairy Tale Play in Scratch


This project has been initiated as part of EU Code Week 2020 - cw20-4K0L1. We have created a play of a fairy tale in Scratch (made up of 8 scenes): Novice participants are walked-through how to put the first scene together (including all the different Scratch functions), and then invited to 'personalise' the play by changing and adding things. Participants who are experienced with Scratch can jump straight to the 'personalisation' phase. Alternatively, participants can just use the programme set as an example, and create their own individual play from a blank canvas. The activity will be coordinated online, but the coding activity itself can be undertaken in a classroom setting. The project supports co-learning by students and teachers or parents. A website has been created to support participants: Please contact Greg Elliott at if you'd like to participate or would like to know more?

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