Our project democratic charter:


    Let's choose and approve our common rules to collaborate, build up friendship and European citizenship.

    • Teaching democracy and ethic to permit students agency, collaboration and harmonious intercultural dialogue among the partners.
    • Remember the values and rights in Europe.
    • Active citizenship: learn how to vote and argue in a simple way
    • agree on common rules
    • get the right authorisations to work together on our project
    • start thinking about our project activities inside and outide the TwinSpace and the appropriate behaviours.
    • Freedom of speech:  investigate on eco crimes and campaign to make the world change. Media Literacy
    • Personal construction and knowledge:
    • have the students work on English language: on grammar (must; have to; can; can't, be allowed to) vocabulary. (Personality,...)
    • Gender equality: boys and girls engaged as "investigators"
    • Security: eSafety, ecology...
    • Sustainable citizenship



    What are the essential rules to make our international project a success?

    Think about the appropriate behaviour for a shared and responsible leadership, the best attitude and qualities for a valuable collaboration ( work & time), and how to create and develop a good intercultural dialogue.
    Remember you are going to work on the TwinSpace but also in your school and in the Nature.

    1. Suggest ideas starting with:
    • We must be .... because
    • We must .... / we mustn't ....
    • We should / shouldn't .....

    2. Vote for the best ideas and argue if necessary.

    democratic charter.pdf