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    First the students are going to get to know each other via e-mails. Then they start working together. Each country will prepare one activity per month which will be connected to the topic.










    Getting to know each other, pupils make a presentation about themselves. Making  a project logo. Logo voting .

    "Stop hating!" Each group: Polish and French and Turkish create one poster.

    At the top there is a slogan, below the colorful hands of the project participants are cut out and glued halfway so that it looks like they are movable on the main background of the poster. On each hand is the student's name and password / thought

    "What about this hate?"

    international photo action

     Polish - Italian album

    Students take an arranged photo of a situation; over the characters (students) they paste comic speech bubbles, and in them

    post several thoughtful reactions or reflections in four categories:

    1. What to do with hatred?

    2. What to do when you witness hate?

    3. What if you also hate?

    4. What is constructive criticism?

    It is best to take photos in September before the schools are closed, and then in January to develop the content of the balloons and the graphics of the photos.

    "Not on the way with hate" Students create preventive limericks on counteracting verbal violence.

    In the case of traditional teaching, they additionally stick one on each classroom door.

    "Let's say NO to hate together!"

    Multicultural manifestation

    (Poland, Italy, Belarus – in my class there is a girl from Belarus) - on the chosen day, students put on the action symbol - a pink cotillion with the words "Stop H8!"

    In the case of distance learning, students take a photo of themselves  - with a cotillion at home, and we collect photos in one large format

    "Think before you say!" or "Another has feelings too"

    Students create the school's social campaign

    Video recording

     (we send ours from the review )


    in the event of school closure, they prepare

    Common school code of ethical attitude

    (something like a decalogue, max. 10 points)

    "Pass it on!"

    Polish-French-Turkish Day of Kindness -

    The participants of the project "plant" a virtual tree of kindness, from which the slogans are made of respect and tolerance towards others. Between the leaves there are photos of smiling students' faces. Under the tree stands the headmistres of the school from Różyca, on the right the headmaster of the school from France and  Turkey. They  keep their watering cans in their native colors and water the common international tree !!!

     There is an inscription vertically from the bottom upwards from the trunk

    "We are over hate!"


    Each school also makes such a day locally in their school.