Voting for the book that students will read

  • In this project, all partners will read an English story book simultaneously.We prepared a pre-survey for students.One of the question is 'What kind of book do you like reading the most? By taking account of their answers,we discussed about the the suitable English story books in our first meeting webinar.Everybody suggested some books,exchanged ideas about cons and pros of them.Then,we determined the most suitable 6 English story books all together.Each partner approved them.We created a voting pool including those books.Our students  voted for  the book that they want to read the most.



    The most voted book by our students is '' ROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS'' written by Junes WERNE.



    That book consits of 12 Chapters.We separated it into 3 parts.Students will read first 4 chapters in November, second 4 chapters in December and last 4 chapters in January.