Introduction of the teachers

  • Introduction of the teachers

    Hacer Esra ÖVEYİK-Haşim and Zehra Tarı Secondary School

    Hello I have been a teacher of English for 10 years.I m working at a secondary school on the coast of Black Sea , I m interested in new national or international projects and eager to learning from my colleagues and achieves much more by using new techniques ! I aim to broaden my students' horizons and promote them to learn new topics,methods,cultures ,technological tools etc. through e-Twinning.projects.

    MÜGE DOĞAN - Yıldırım Beyazıt IHO Corum

    Hello! I am Müge. I am an English Language Teacher in Çorum Yıldırım Beyazıt Secondary School. I have been teaching for 8 years. I am married and have 4 years old son. I am really interested in attending projects and trying new methods in my classes. As I and my pupils love reading, we are so happy to be part of this project.

    Inna Kryvokhyzha - Bilopillya specialized school #1

    Warm greetings from Ukraine! I've been working at school as an ESL teacher. My students age range from 6 to 16. They are creative and active. To motivate them and make lessons more interesting I try differents ways of teaching. Participating in eTwinning projects helps them learn about new people and their cultures. They like sharing their ideas and learning from others. They like reading and perfoming on the stage. We are ready to start our new journey!


    Hello, I am a teacher of English with 11 years of experience and wants to use her skills and knowledge to help students and other people , and also wants to broaden her horizons by learning from the collegaues from all around world. Eager to achieve more by using new tecniques and approaches.

    Semiha Şener- Professional İlgim College ( Secondary School)

    Hello, my name is Semiha Şener from Marmaris, Turkey. I am working in a secondary school. My students are between 10-14 years. My students are very interested by communicate with different students and use Web2 tools. I am very eager to participate in international projects because thanks to international projects students can communicate with other students and they learn new things about other cultures, they use different web2 tools and they have fun.

    Ruslana Horbatiuk Ukraine, Slavuta, gymnasium №4

    My name is Ruslana. I am a teacher. Teaching English is one of the things I enjoyed the most. It gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and be able to know the culture of others. It’s not only about grammars or making better sentences but it is also about chances to speak up and to be heard by others.
    I’m also interested in lots of other things. I play the piano and I play the guitar. I’m not very good at the guitar to be honest I’m just trying to learn how to do that, but I’ve been playing the piano for a long time.
    I love exploring new places and new cultures, I am very interested in meeting new people and travelling.

    Hilal ŞAHİN, Perşembe Atatürk Secondary School
    Mehtap AKKOR - Muhsin Özdamar Secondary School

    Hİ, I am Mehtap. I've been teaching English for 10 years. I live in Bursa/Karacabey which is in Marmara Region of Turkey. I work in a Secondary school which has about 200 students. I see myself as a life-long learner and I always try to learn new things about my field. For the last 2 years I've been interested in Web 2.0 tools and I really enjoy using and finding new ones. So, e-twinning projects are a perfect opportunity for this. I also like meeting new people thanks to projects. Hope it'll be a great project for all of us :)


    I'm an English teacher at Ü.Naci Akdoğan Schools in Kuşadası/Turkey. I've been teaching for five years now and during my teaching experience I've had an opportunity to teach from pre-school children to secondary school children. I love teaching and introducing innovation to my teaching programme and I think joining eTwinning project is the best way to do so!

    Maria Henriques, Agrupamento de Escolas de Valongo

    Hi, everyone.
    I am a biology and geology teacher at a secondary school near Porto, in Portugal.
    My students are from the 7th grade (11 and 12 years old).
    I love to work on projects with the students.

    Birsen Tanrıkulu- Kuyubaşı Şehit Oğuzhan Duyar Secondary School

    Hello dear partners. I'm an English Language teacher and I have been teaching for 15 years. I really love my job and doing projects with my students. As I deeply believe in the importance of creative reading, upon hearing Esra's idea, I founded this project with her. I am sure this project will be very useful for our students to develop their English language and web 2.0 tools skills. Especially in this pandemic period, they will have many extra chances to interact, colloborate and communicate with their friends and teachers. They will also have the chance of socialize by studying with their project friends.

    İlknur Kuşcu / İlküvez Taşkesiği Secondary School

    Hi! Iam an English teacher in Çaybaşı/Ordu. I have been teaching for 8 years in different Secondary Schools. I like visitting new places and exploring them.Also I m interested in learning new things and teaching them in my class. My students are eager to explore different things,too. So, I wanted to take part in Etwinning project to broaden my students viewpoints. Thanks to Etwinning project,we have had an opportunity for meeting new friends, new cultures and for using various technological devices. Learning and teaching are parts of my life.