Our digital lives - Europe connected through the Arts

Adolescents grow up in an environment equipped with a wide range of media devices. Nowadays, practically all families have access to smartphones, computers or laptops and Internet access. During the course of this project about 600 German and Polish students aged 10-16 will reflect different aspects arising from leading a "digital life" in order to gain more competences and independence/autonomy. In a fast moving and changing time we have decided that – in addition to ITC classes - the Arts can be an ideal subject to reflect digital life in all age groups at our schools. We will e.g. create a common online exhibition on e-twinning and have exhibitions at school. We want to highlight the benefits as well as the potential negative effects of a modern life that is increasingly influenced by digital media. Ideally the project will trigger a lifelong learning process of emancipation which will lead to a self-aware, reflected and more competent use of digital media.

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