Run the RUTH - a unique obstacle run


The project "Run the RUTH - a unique obstacle run" is a project where the goal is to make an obstacle race that is made by children/students for children/students of all ages. There will be inspiring pictures of ideas for obstacles on the project page. The idea behind the project is to get the children/students to collaborate and construct exciting obstacles - and for the children/students to be physically active both during the construction of the course, but also when they have to run the race. The project is inspired by and cooperates with Ruth. Ruth works in the danish military and in her spare time she arranges annual events with obstical races for local schools and kindergardens in her area. To do list- to participate in this project: - Create an acvity run titled: "Run the RUTH". - Take pictures of the activities. - Take pictures of students / children durring their run. - The project runs in September / October 2020

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