Immigration, stereotypes and racism

The project aims at focusing on one of the most important issues in Europe. Day after day thousands of immigrants coming from Africa or Middle East risk their own lives in search of a better life; most of them die in the Mediterranean sea. We want to make the students aware of this problem, to develop their critical thinking, to avoid any form of ...



15-21 May 2016

Experiential and interactive theatrical games.

Each school participated creating and playing an original theatrical game inspired by the main topics (immigration, sterotypes and racism). Moreover, they integrated and invited the other pupils to take a position according to their conscience so as not remain silent and neutral.

These games had the particular feature of being open to the audience in order to determine their progress.

In Spain, all the students together created a new experential theatrical game.




Author: Maria Anversa Grasso
Last editor: Maria Anversa Grasso