My country- perfect holiday destination

1. Photography contest entitled "My holiday memories ". 2. Moving picture contest entitled " I've been there and you?" 3. A multimedia presentation entitled "The landscape of my country"


    Project Journal

    • Presentation - Sp 20 in Ruda Śląska - Polnad - Perfect holiday destination

      Enjoy watching!
      - Posted by Marta Zuber, 16.12.2015

    • Dear friends from Spain and Turkey!!!
      We hope you will enjoy watching photos took by our students and their families that show some nice sights of Poland. Perhaps one day you will be able to visit us and admire some of the views yourself.
      Your Polish friends from Primary School No 20 in Ruda Śląska.
      We cannot wait to see your photos!

      - Posted by Marta Zuber, 12.12.2015