eTw-T-R-A-I-N is an eTwinning project aimed at secondary school students (aged 15-19). The aim of the project is to bring students together so that they can practise their communication and ICT skills and develop the attitude that is described by the title: T- Tolerance, R- Respect, A- Action, I- Innovation, N- netizens. The project will take on the form of a sustainable railway journey. The participants will catch our eTw-TRAIN in September and will virtually travel around Europe visiting the partner countries. The students sitting in different compartments will be working together in international teams. While travelling, they will be creating the Travel Diary and taking part in various challenges whose aim is to raise awareness concerning such topics as sustainable tourism, eSafety, culture, slow fashion, circular economy, STEAM. Thus, when they get off the eTw-TRAIN at the end of the journey (= the end of the school year), they are Tolerant, Respectful, Active, Innovative Netizens.

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