2015_12 - Creating Advent Calendar or 7 Deeds of Christmas

  • Creating a joint Advent Calendar filled with resulutions and good deeds of children and teachers from both schools. Children to post their ideas of resolutions and good deeds on  http://padlet.com/v_matysakova/nbwztixeib0

    Creating Advent Calendar was an idea how to make children do something useful for their lives, opinions and especially relationship to the others. They were doing a calendar where 7 DEEDS OF CHRISTMAS were stated. They had to follow these deeds to be better people and help the others (schoolmates, parents, friends, unknown people...). On the calendar, they could write down their thoughts, feedback how useful they had been when having done their deeds. They really liked it. 

    ... and many more.... in the gallery - https://twinspace.etwinning.net/11998/materials/images - section ADVENT CALENDAR