2015_09 - Introduction & instructions

  • Objectives

    Form of Output

    Year Group

    Getting to know you- September

    • Present video to whole school
    • Share with children the details of the project
    • Create an International links link on the school website
    • Upload the video to the school website
    • Embed the video on the E-Twinning page
    • Whole school- led by International links team

    Landmarks and Geography of my Country- October

    • To talk about parts of the country from a geographical point of view (important cities, lowlands, mountains, population)
    • Being able to identify our own and our partners country on a map of Europe/ the World
    • To check my partner’s knowledge using a test according to keywords used in the presentation
    • To make an electronic poster about landmarks and geographical places in my country
    • Beginning- Thought shower- what do you know about Wales? Slovakia?


    • End- test exchange (Nearpod app)
    • Upload the poster on the ETwinning page


    Traditional Foods- November

    • To present typical national food/ dish
    • To present a recipe in the form of an instructional video
    • To offer information about the times, places, and ways in which people eat their food traditionally in Wales
    • Food diaries
    • Instructional video
    • Shared recipes- partner schools making traditional dishes from partner country and recording, and evaluating the products

    Family Nurture

    Year 2

    Christmas celebration and music- December

    •  To share our experiences and traditions surrounding Christmas
    • To video our St Mikulas celebrations and share
    • Traditional Welsh Christmas Carol
    • Audio recordings of 3 songs from my partner’s country (according to the language level) *Each partner country to record 3 songs and share the recordings, other partner school to learn the songs and exchange- evaluated
    • St Mikulas celebration to be recorded and shared (Skype)



    Year 6

    Cities, Towns and Famous Landmarks

    • To present important cities, towns and landmarks in the country (from the geographical point of view)


    • To highlight the historical moments of each country/ town/landmark
    • To speak about the history, present and future of the town where I live
    • Drawing a map of the city (big poster with drawn pictures or photos, postcards- sending via post
    • Tourist guide of the city in a form of a video
    • Drama- my partner’s historical event


    Anthems, Games and Sports- February/ March

    • To explain the historical background of the anthem
    • History of sport in Wales
    • To explain the rules of a typical game from my country
    • To introduce some famous sports people
    • To speak about the most favourite sports activities of young people
    • To invent our own celebratory dance (like the Hakka in New Zealand)
    • To play a game according to the rules explained by my partner
    • To video the dance, share, for the partner school to learn- share the videos again
    • Presentation- photo album with audio comments


    History and Traditions- March/ April

    • To present some of the traditions of our countries
    • Video St Davids Day celebrations
    • Explain historical events of our country
    • To know the brief history of my partners country
    • To learn about an important historical person


    • Sharing of celebration videos
    • To complete a compare and contrast sheet of the different traditions
    • Drama- re-enact a historical event of our country and share the video
    • Written report of the history of our countries- shared and evaluated


    My Favourite Topics I would like to talk about

    • To evaluate the project from the students point of view (questionnaire, video survey, exchanging questions through email)
    • Email survey/ evaluation form
    • To prepare a news report about the project (advantages/ disadvantages/ what we have learnt/ what we can do to continue our partnership)