2016_10 - Harvest- Journey of a bread

  • Children to research all about BREAD and how it looks and how it is made in different countries. 

    1. Thoughts shower
    1. Students (both partner schools) join the website menti.com code 23 81 60
    2. The world cloud is about to be published in Joomag booklet (www.joomag.com)
    1. Picture vocabulary
    1. Students prepare their own drawings, paintings of tools necessary when preparing bread from the harvest to baking; eg. scythe, sickle, flail, mill, yeast, salt, loaf, … and all the tools associated with this activity. All this will be in a form of a online picture vocabulary https://quizlet.com/_2mjtxt or a mind map 
    1. Interactive map of bread 
    1. Students are divided into mixed groups (from Wales and Slovakia). They’re assigned to work on one type of bread typical for a country in the world (Pakistan, India, China, African countries, Australia, Britain, Slovakia, …), attach photo and short description - https://zeemaps.com/map?group=2219799&add=1#
    1. Group research
    1. Students are given special assignments for an excursion in a bakery asking for some information about how bread is made. They can ask their grandparents, relatives, neighbours how bread was made in the past. They can search in encyclopedias, books, on the Internet, …
    2. They sort out the information and think about the best way how to organize them in a graphical way
    3. Presentation of the information.
    4. Slovak students (group 1) padlet - https://padlet.com/sukrzsza/journey
    5. Slovak students (group 2) padlet - https://padlet.com/sukrzsza/journey2
    6. English translation - https://www.thinglink.com/scene/863696139554127873
    7. English translationhttps://www.thinglink.com/scene/863691257216499713
    1. Bread and all around it
    1. Students show how wheat was gathered in the past (tools, work, songs sung within the work, harvest)
    2. Video, shared crosswords (https://crosswordlabs.com/).
    3. https://crosswordlabs.com/view/bread-in-different-languages
    1. Booklet about our project
    1. Joomag booklet creation
    2. Quizlet or Quizzez or Kahoot creation

    Audio recording and upload >>