2016_03 - Book Day

  • Here are the activities we're about to do:

    • reading books & drawing (pupils are recording reading of a typical national story, the partners are drawing the story / act it out),
    • my favourite fairy tale character (pupils are getting dressed to act like his/her fairy tale favourite character + presentation of the character, why I like it, ...)
    • writing our own book - https://bookday.titanpad.com/1 (password: Bookday) - each part's going to be written by one pupil, so the next one must write his/her own continuing part

    Here's what we did in this project

    Audio - The Three Groschen
    Video - The Three Groschen https://youtu.be/NEyyHM57TbY
    Podcast - The Three Groschen http://prievoznik.podomatic.com/entry/2016-03-19T11_37_26-07_00
    Podcast - Going on a Bear Hunt


    Here's the photogallery - visit


    ... and here are the drawings - visit the album